LLC “Chernozemye”  has started its activity in 2014. In 2016 LLC “Chernozemye” began adjusting and launching works on the production of vegetable oil.

Currently the production capacity of the plant allows to process more than 2 000 MT of raw materials per day and produce up to 900 MT of vegetable oil and up to 740 MT of meal per day. Our modern equipment allows us to provide the maximum output of finished products from the coming raw materials, minimizing losses in production. LLC “Chernozemye” has implemented the idea of waste-free production: we burn waste husk in boiler station equipped with boiler HURST, and then the produced steam is used for production sites.

The total capacity of a grain elevator is 75 000 MT that maintains the plant’s work more than six weeks. The grain elevator can receive 4 000 MT of sunflower seeds per day. The grain elevator includes grain-drying facility which is equipped with two dryers produced by Buhler. The seeds are dried with the help of heated air. There is no direct contact between heating part (gas burners) and seeds, which guarantees high level of safety during drying of seeds and  provides long-term storage of sunflower seeds.

Warehouse of finished goods store up to 20 000 MT of oil, up to 10 000 MT of meal, up to 600 MT of granulated husk (in silos). Besides it is possible to ship the finished products by means of road- and railway transport. 
All these facts in combination with the professionalism of the employees of LLC “Chernozemye” guarantee the output of safe products of high quality in a specified volume.

Over the past season, the plant has steadily increased volumes of production, increasing production capacity. So for the 2021-2022 season, 524,5 thousand tons of oilseeds were processed compared to 371 thousand tons that were processed in the previous season. 233 thousand tons of oil, 201 thousand tons of meal and 49 thousand tons of granulated sunflower husk were produced.

The plant continues to improve processing technology to increase the quality of finished products and reduce loss of production. The plant is actively working to modernize the developing section, besides various projects are being developed, they can not only optimize the production process, but also increase the output of finished products. A series of works is also being implemented in the receiving section and finished goods shipping section. These works are aimed to optimize processes, that will increase the volume and speed of shipment.