LLC “HC “ExOil group”

The main object of the Holding Company “ExOil group” is optimization of business processes within the Holding Company, control of financial flows, legal protection, process automation, personnel management and development.

The Holding aims to:

  • enhance the effectiveness of the Group of Companies in order to increase Shareholder’s benefit;
  • determine the financial policy of the Group of Companies, develop and implement measures which ensure their stability and profitability;
  • form tax policy of the Group of Companies;
  • control the status, movement and targeted use of funds;
  • work out activities and provide recommendations for strategic development of the Group of Companies;
  • establish legal and regulatory framework;
  • perform legal analysis of civil contracts and agreements;
  • provide legal protection of the Group of Companies’ interests at all levels of economic activity;
  • provide information technology support of industrial and economic activities of the Group of Companies, automating the processes as possible;
  • manage the personnel of the Group of Companies to create a highly professional and motivated team of likeminded people;
  • implement high corporate culture;
  • develop skills of employees through training and mentoring.