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Holding Company «Exoil Group» is involved in the purchase of sunflower, oilseeds crushing business, oilseeds and grains trading, port transshipment and logistics.

The Holding Company consists of:

  • LC “HC “ExOil group”

Our plant is equipped with modern high technologies that allow us to process 2 000 MT of sunflower seeds per day and produce more than 900 MT of oil per day. Finished goods are sold to a wide range of consumers in Russia and abroad. On January 2023 the amount of assets of consolidated balance sheet was 14,7 billion rub. 

The revenue of the Group of Companies for season 2020 – 2021 was 16,623 bln rub, for season 2021 – 2022 was 26,402 bln rub, for season 2022 – 2023 (incl. April) was 16,292 bln rub..

We are constantly improving our abilities to expand and develop new markets. At the same time, effective logistics is one of the key points that defines the success of our work. At the moment we are at the final stage of purchasing the port terminal in Astrakhan. Our priority is to start supplying of significant volume of sunflower oil, other types of oils and grains across Caspian Sea to the countries of the Middle East.

We offer our partners high-quality products, reliable service and transport services. We constantly improve ourselves and use new modern technologies in our work. Our most important resource is our people. We pay great attention to learning, further education, training of our employees, development of mentoring programme.


LLC “ExOil group” is a philosophy of development and progress, that’s why we have not only equipped our production with a research laboratory but we also constantly modernize our facilities, improving the system to the most advanced and modern technologies.

We also cooperate with technical research centers to improve the quality of our products thus making absolute competitiveness on the market.

We are constantly developing in relations with our customers, that’s why the innovations are so important for our Holding.

We apply high technologies not only for the production of finished goods, but also at all stages of processing including storage, automation and transportation.


As a socially responsible company, we’ve focused on the organization of environmentally friendly production without harmful waste for nature and environment.

 The stability of any modern business is based on the protection of the environment, so we constantly improve all stages of our production to advance the environmental performance of the company. Our Holding and its management team are focused on such vital things as people rights for life and health, compliance with laws of the Russian Federation and international standards that regulate the industry.

Our Holding always promotes the rational use of natural resources, constant work of our professional team and high-technology equipment let us eliminate any harm for the environment or violation of any ecological standards.


We tend to implement progressive standards in the field of labor protection and industrial safety. The quality of our products for the health and life of the consumers is the most important component of our work. Initially, the mission of our company was not based only on gaining the economic benefits. We pay a lot of attention to the social responsibility and relations with society. Economic leadership is impossible if the company doesn’t take into account the safety of its team, quality of its products, relations with its partners, and its own place in society and the state.

LLC “Chernozemye” is annually audited for compliance with international standards ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and the certificate scheme of food products FSSC 22000.