Summary of the 2018 – 19 Season results

Summary of the 2018 – 19 Season results

Summary of the 2018 – 19 Season results

On October 14, 2019, an expanded meeting of ExOil Group, dedicated to the Day of the Worker of Agriculture and Processing Industry of Russia, took place at the Chernozemye plant.

At the meeting, the CEO of the HC ExOil Group LLC, Armen Khandkaryan, summarized the results of the 2018-19 Season and announced plans for the 2019-20 season for the Group of Companies.

The CEO of the Chernozemye LLC, Dmitry Reznov, reported that 471,000 MT of oilseeds were processed during the 2018-19 Season, 215,000 MT of oil, 183,000 MT of sunflower meal and 44,000 tons of granulated sunflower husk were produced. For the 2019-20 Season, a planned target for the processing of raw materials in physical weight is 637,000 MT, while daily receiving raw materials at least amounted to 3,700 MT  and daily processing raw materials at least amounted to 2,000 MT. The reasons for the production downtime were also presented in the form of tables and graphs. In addition with the tables & graphs the planned preventive measures in order to reduce these reasons were announced as well.

The CEO of Trading House Chernozemye LLC, Adrei Kazakov, reported on the implementation of the raw materials procurement plan and goods sales plan for the 2018-19 Season. Sales amounted to the folloeing figures: crude sunflower oil (59% - domestic market, 41% - exports), granulated sunflower meal (67% - domestic market, 31% - European Union, 2% - the Caucasus Region), granulated sunflower husk (78% - domestic market, 21% - European Union, 1% - Caucasus Region). Transportation done during the last season is as following: for oil - 90% by auto (trucks), 10% by railways, for sunflower meal and husk - 10% by auto (trucks), 90% by railways. The planned procurement of sunflower seeds for 2019-20 Season is 637,000 MT, while sales target for oil - 285,000 MT.

The CEO of the AB Trans LLC - Artashets Kazaryan, reported on the main events of the 2018-19 Season: ammendment of the legal & actual address (the company’s location is cjanged), renovation of the service station at Khlevnoye, launch of the Technical Service / Tire Fitting Station, installation of the fuel level & flow control sensors and installation of control system for the filling / drain hatches. The volume of transportation amounted to 70,000 MT for oil carriers (88% - TD Chernozemye, 12% - external customers), for grain carriers 249 000 MT (69% - TD Chernozemye, 31% - external customers). For the 2019-20 Season the planned transportation volume for oil carriers is 77,000 MT, for grain carriers - 205,000 MT. Also in the company ‘s plans for the upcoming season there is the launch of its own refueling station.

As per the results of the 2018-2019 season, at the end of the meeting the best employees of the Group of the Companies were awarded by the letters of appreciation accordingly.